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Welcome to Colorado SNA

The Colorado School Nutrition Association (CSNA) is dedicated to being the recognized experts who advocate the link between nutrition, health and education.  With nearly 750 members, CSNA offers members continuing education, information regarding industry trends, networking opportunities, updates from the national School Nutrition Association and more.

In addition, CSNA works with Colorado legislators regarding initiatives which impact school nutrition.  We are truly the  one-stop-shop for school nutrition in Colorado.

CSNA Governing Board Nomination Form

Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Program 

USDA Professional Standards


Thank You to Our Industry Partners

Trustee Members

Patron Members

AccuTemp Products, Inc. – Patron Member
ASPIRE Beverage Company - Patron Member
Baker Boy - Patron Member
Cybersoft Technologies, Inc. – Patron Member
Desert Peak Marketing - Patron Member
Domino's Pizza LLC - Patron Member
Elevation Reps – Patron Member
Food Services of America - Patron Member
Hobart Traulsen Baxter - Patron Member
Ignite Foodservice Solutions - Patron Member
Johnson Pike & Associates – Patron Member
Kellogg's - Patron Member
Lamb Weston - Patron Member
Learning ZoneXpress - Patron Member
Mountain Sales and Service - Patron Member
Pilgrim's Pride - Patron Member
Ready Foods, Inc. - Patron Member
Rodelle, Inc. - Patron Member
S3Hospitality – Patron Member
The Redstone Group – Patron Member
True Food Service Equipment – Patron Member

Why You Should Join Colorado SNA
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Legislative Action Conference 2015

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