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CSNA: Share Your Stories, Big and Small Campaign Year Two

In 2020, CSNA is continuing the “CSNA: Share Your Stories” campaign to facilitate the sharing of stories across all Colorado school districts that inspire, inform, and elevate how we are feeding our students and operating our programs.  Nutrition programs in school districts across Colorado have a tremendous opportunity to learn from one another and enhance their own programs based on the stories, practices and experiences of other districts.  CSNA would like to continue to provide this opportunity in 2020.
Over the course of the next several months, CSNA is asking again for you to submit your exceptional stories that have positively impacted the lives of children, staff and the communities they live in. We are looking to collect stories as well as photos and videos to best communicate and share out these stories.
We are asking for your stories that surround the following topics:
  • Inspiring Students - how have some of your staff inspired students?
  • Inspiring Staff - how has your staff member/kitchen manager/supervisor/director inspired you?
  • Inspiring Innovations - what types of innovations are present in your kitchen (school gardens, farm to school programs, student engagement, grab and go programs, etc.)
    Leading up to the 2020 Annual Conference in June, CSNA will nominate the most inspiring stories and ultimately award one district a “CSNA: Share Your Story” award for sharing the most compelling and inspirational story.  This district will also earn one free registration to the 2020 Summer Conference.  All attendees of the conference will get the opportunity to hear the stories submitted and take from them ideas to enhance and develop their own districts
    We invite you to read the story shared by last year’s winner Marilyn Younie, Ridgway School District READ HERE
    Please submit your stories today.  You never know how your story will inspire others.